What is covered in this workshop:
Why should I meditate
Breathing Techniques to help you relax before meditation
Different forms of Meditation so you can find what works best for you and your lifestyle
Visit different techniques of special purpose in your meditations
Using Tones or Vowel sounds to work with your vibrations or Chakras
Manage Stress, suggested Mantras, exercises to practice meditation

Join me in making meditation a more viable option for you.  My hope is that this will simplify meditation for you so you can finally enjoy some quiet of the mind, body and spirit.

What is covered in this workshop:
I think I have a Spirit in my home
Indentifying energy imprints and actual spirits
Tell Tale Signs of Activity
Where do they come from and why have they called?
Why can some people see them and some people cannot?
Communicating and Channeling with the Spirit Realm
How to remove energy imprints, cleanse the home, and remove unwelcomed spirits.
Maintaining Sacred Space and creating energy to manifest positive effect in my life.
Simple Feng Shui techniques to begin creating positive movement. (just basics in life stations)


"Let The Healing Begin Within!"


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Housecleansing 101   $10.00
Housecleansing 101   $10.00
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What is covered in this workshop:
Learning how to identify your gifts.
Directing those gifts and enhancing them.
Challenges of your gifts.
Protecting yourself
Grounding yourself
Opening to channel
Join me for some fun in this workshop to help you to identify, gain a deeper understanding of your gift, enhance it, protect yourself using it and help you to open for other gifts of Spirit.  This workshop assumes that you have already at one time or another experienced empathic moments, have dabbled in tarot, pendulums, intuitive thought, channeling and/or  talking to those on the other side.

Gifts of Spirit  $10.00
Gifts of Spirit  $10.00
What is covered in this workshop:

Simple meanings of Major and Minor Arcana
Meanings of Each Individual Card in both Arcana
Preparing your cards, Shuffling the cards, Cleansing, and Grounding,
Exercises to be used with you and another individual in Accuracy, Listening to the Divine or messages and energies around the cards and practicing with the cards.
Examples of a few simple spreads using Tarot and Tarot and Oracle together.

We have simplified the art of reading Tarot in a desire to help you to get started in using your gifts in intuition and clairvoyance.  We hope to take the intimidation out of reading the cards so you can use them as a simple and fun tool.
While reading for another person I often channel in one of their loved ones, so be open to this expansion when you get practiced.  Enjoy!!! and Welcome!

Meditation  $10.00
Meditation  $10.00
Tarot Getting Started  $10.00
Tarot Getting Started  $10.00